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Korean streamers HAchubby, Yunicorn, Jinny & Yuggie_TV drop music video

Published: 26/Jul/2020 0:55 Updated: 23/Aug/2020 14:48

by Brent Koepp


Popular Twitch streamers HAchubby, Yunicorn19, Jinnytty, & Yuggie_TV released a music video on July 25 for their single ‘Bang Bang’. The Korean personalities have formed a KPOP group called Tier 4.

Twitch has a diverse population of streamers – from gamers to wood carvers, the platform has seen it all. However, four of the site’s most popular Korean streamers have joined together to make a KPOP group and they just released their first single.


Personalities HAchubby, Yunicorn19, Jinnytty & Yuggie_TV have recorded a new song titled ‘Bang Bang’, and on July 25, the singers debuted their music video.

YouTube: HAchubby TV
The popular Twitch streamers released their first music video.

Twitch Korean streamers release first music video

The streamers made their singing debut on July 25 with the release of their first music video on YouTube. The Korean personalities have named their KPOP act Tier 4.

In the video, the popular Twitch stars dance in front of a galactic background as HAchubby delivers her rap section. According to the upload’s description, the track was inspired by K/DA’s POP/STARS song.

HAchubby watched the premiere of their video during her Twitch broadcast, and got emotional after seeing the final version. The streamer’s chat went wild with viewers praising the group.


Update: The video has been re-edited slightly and reuploaded on August 22:

After it ended, the Korean personality exclaimed, “Oh my god. Wow. A real music video! Oh my god oh my god!” She then thanked her fans for tuning in and for giving her support through the months it took to make the track.

This isn’t the first time HAchubby has showed off her musical skills, the streamer actually got her start on YouTube making music. Tier 4 is her return to singing. The KPOP group also uploaded Bang Bang on Soundcloud, which we’ve embedded below.

While Twitch has had musical acts on its platform before, it’s a pretty incredible achievement to see four personalities come together to record a single and make a music video for it.


Currently it’s unclear if the Korean streamers have plans to make more songs, or if this was a one-off performance. However, based on the reaction from viewers, it appears the community wants more.