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Khabib Nurmagomedov just challenged Floyd Mayweather

Published: 14/Oct/2018 18:37

by Virginia Glaze


It looks like UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov isn’t finished riding the high from his victory against Conor McGregor at UFC 229 – in fact, the wrestler has called out yet another formidable opponent, as well.

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Khabib challenged boxing pro Floyd Mayweather in an Instagram post on October 13, where he stood alongside boxing manager DeJuan Blake.

“Hey, let’s go, Floyd,” Khabib said with a smile. “We have to fight now. 50 and 0 versus 27 and 0 – two guys who never lose.”

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He appeared confident in a victory against the boxer, stating that he had managed to drop McGregor when Mayweather hadn’t. He even referred to himself as ‘the king of the jungle’ in reference to his record.


“Let’s go, why not?” he asked. “Because in the jungle, only one king… Of course I’m the king, because he cannot drop McGregor, but I dropped him easily. That’s why. Let’s go.”

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Blake also offered Khabib a spot in Mayweather Productions, as revealed by a statement in the video’s caption. “Fuck UFC & Bellator MMA, sign with Mayweather Productions and get what you deserve!” Blake wrote. “Matter of fact, Affiliation Management is the PLUG.”

While Mayweather has yet to respond to Khabib’s challenge, he previously stated that Khabib’s post-match brawl after defeating McGregor at UFC 229 was ‘very unprofessional.’


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Blake’s offer marks another opportunity in a slew of proposals Khabib has received following his assault on McGregor’s Jiu Jitsu coach at UFC 229. 

Alongside an alleged offer from the WWE and 50 Cent’s proposal with MMA team Bellator, it seems like Khabib could have a shot with Mayweather Productions, to boot.