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KEEMSTAR exposes online counseling service BetterHelp

Published: 4/Oct/2018 0:48

by Virginia Glaze


Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem criticised BetterHelp, an online counseling portal, in his newest video – and revealed some disturbing allegations about the company.

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KEEMSTAR felt that YouTubers promoting the service were benefiting from their fans’ mental health, as it has been claimed that those partnered with the service make $100 per signup.

“Wouldn’t that put that YouTuber in the business of making money off of mental health, and off of depression?” he asked.

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In addition, allegations have been made that the service could be a scam, as some reviews have stated that BetterHelp charged users for a full month of service, rather than the 7-day free trial that is generally advertised.


Others have claimed that they never got the chance to speak with an actual counselor during the trial period. These counselors may even be uncertified, as other claims allege that anyone may sign up to work for the service without a background check.

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Many high-profile YouTubers have partnered with BetterHelp, including the likes of Shane Dawson and Philip DeFranco. Since the release of KEEMSTAR’s video on the topic, DeFranco has come out with a statement via Twitter, which claims that he will conduct an investigation on the matter and is putting his relationship with BetterHelp on hold until the allegations are addressed.


KEEMSTAR noted that the allegations against BetterHelp haven’t been officially verified, but it appears that the scare is great enough to make YouTubers rethink their partnership with the organization. KEEMSTAR likewise stated that he would follow up on the story in the next episode of Drama Alert, providing more information about the service and its shady practices.