KEEMSTAR and Adam22 Expose ImJaystation for Exploiting Mac Miller’s Death - Dexerto

KEEMSTAR and Adam22 Expose ImJaystation for Exploiting Mac Miller’s Death

Published: 10/Sep/2018 22:06 Updated: 10/Sep/2018 22:25

by Virginia Glaze


Massive YouTubers KEEMSTAR and Adam22 criticized YouTuber ImJaystation for creating a video supposedly contacting recently deceased rapper Mac Miller through the spirit realm.

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In the video, Jaystation creates a shrine for Miller and attempts to contact him via a ‘spirit box.’ Spirit boxes (or Electronic Voice Phenomena devices) are technologies commonly used in ghost hunting that use white noise and radio frequencies for spirits to speak through.

Jaystation then connected the spirit box to a bluetooth speaker and asked Miller’s spirit to communicate with him. He captioned any forthcoming ‘answers’ from the machine, translating incomprehensible audio into statements such as, “Do you like me?” and, “They know you.”


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Adam ‘Adam22’ Grandmaison, host of the No Jumper podcast, made a reaction video to the ghost hunting – and had nothing good to say about it. He criticized Jaystation for exploiting Miller’s death to get views, as well as scoffed at Jaystation’s fans who readily believed the spiritual communications.

“This guy is addicted to making videos about celebrities who died, and doing the most disrespectful shit imaginable just to get some views. That is the saddest thing that I’ve ever seen, to be honest.”

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YouTuber KEEMSTAR, host of Drama Alert, had a similar reaction to the video. Jaystation wasn’t the only one guilty of exploiting Miller’s passing, either: KEEMSTAR likewise criticized Michael McCrudden, a YouTuber who regularly creates ‘After They Were Gone’ videos quickly following celebrity deaths.


“That is fake. That is not real. That is literally to make money and get views and exploit someone’s death.”

Mac Miller passed away on September 7 of a drug overdose at 26 years old.