KEEMSTAR Addresses FouseyTUBE Fans After Being Accused of Profiting From his ‘Disaster’ Live Show – Dexerto

KEEMSTAR Addresses FouseyTUBE Fans After Being Accused of Profiting From his ‘Disaster’ Live Show

Published: 17/Jul/2018 14:21 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 14:26

by Calum Patterson


After the ‘Hate Dies, Love Arrives’ show hosted by FouseyTUBE was cut short due to a bomb scare, KEEMSTAR has addressed accusations that he attempted to profit from the ‘disaster’ by making a documentary.

YouTuber FouseyTUBE had sold out tickets for his live show, but the event was cancelled after a bomb threat was reported, forcing around 1,500 people to evacuate the venue.

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Fellow YouTuber and host of ‘Drama Alert’, Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem was one of the attendees, and was making what he calls a ‘documentary’, which FouseyTUBE had approved of and was apparently ‘excited’ about it.

But, once things went south, a large contingent of FouseyTUBE fans began to level accusations at KEEMSTAR, suggesting not only that he was attempting to profit from the disaster, but that he ‘wanted it to fail’.

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KEEMSTAR quickly responded to these fans, assuring them that while yes he was there to work and make a documentary, he never wished the event to fail, despite believing that it would.

Admittedly, the documentary does not sound like it will paint FouseyTUBE in the best light, as it’s working title is ‘FouseyCon – July 16 – 17 – You Lie 18th’, but KEEMSTAR says the purpose of the documentary is to show reality.

“If FouseyTUBE’s event was a giant success, then the documentary would capture that – ‘FouseyTUBE’s back’.

But, if FouseyTUBE was lying and manipulating, and his event was just a complete fail, then the documentary is going to show that. Regardless, that’s the whole point of news, the whole point of a documentary.”

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He also went on to say that he was not the only YouTuber filming and documenting the event, and reaffirmed that FouseyTUBE was happy for him to produce the documentary, reportedly saying “I love it”.

KEEMSTAR has now released the trailer for the documentary on the Drama Alert channel, which shows snippets of what to expect from the cancelled event, with commentary from other popular YouTubers.