KEEMSTAR accuses H3H3 of faking depression to cover up real reason they stopped making videos - Dexerto

KEEMSTAR accuses H3H3 of faking depression to cover up real reason they stopped making videos

Published: 23/Sep/2018 13:02 Updated: 23/Sep/2018 13:09

by Calum Patterson


YouTuber KEEMSTAR has reacted to the recent news that H3H3 Productions’ break from uploading videos was down to suffering from depression – but KEEM isn’t convinced this is true.

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H3H3 Productions, which is the name for the YouTube channel and podcast ran by Ethan Klein and partner Hila, stopped uploading videos entirely to their channel back in June 2018.

Out of the blue, they uploaded a video which was essentially just an advert for their new mobile game, which earned them plenty of criticizm, as it was their first video in months – with no explanation for the disappearance.


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In response to this criticizm, Ethan and Hila made an update video, in which they explain that issues with Ethan’s depression and anxiety were the main causes for the lack of uploads, as well as Hila losing her father to cancer.

However this confused some fans, as during the three months of no uploads, the pair had still been doing their H3H3 podcast regularly, with no indication of these behind the scenes issues.

And KEEMSTAR has now accused H3H3 of using problems with depression as a cover for their true motivation – money. KEEMSTAR says that the podcast makes them much more money than uploading regular videos, so why would they bother with the latter.


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KEEMSTAR explains that “this comes down to money. The podcast that they do makes a lot of money, the sponsorships they do through the podcast that is a lot of money. The videos that they make on YouTube, don’t make that much money.” 

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He accuses Ethan and Hila Klein of “being out to make a bunch of money”, which he says there is nothing wrong with, but thinks it is disingenuous to claim otherwise. He closes by saying “guys, it’s money – not mental health – money.”

At the time of writing, neither Ethan or Hila have responded to KEEMSTAR’s accusations.