Jschlatt cops Twitter backlash after fans uncover old "Islamophobic" tweets - Dexerto

Jschlatt cops Twitter backlash after fans uncover old “Islamophobic” tweets

Published: 29/Jun/2021 4:19 Updated: 29/Jun/2021 8:37

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Twitter is blowing up over comments Jschlatt made in 2018 that have been deemed ‘Islamaphobic,’ although some fans brushed it off as a “joke” and slammed others for “purposefully” trying to dig up some dirt.

Jschlatt returned on Twitch in January 2021 after taking a year-long break to focus on YouTube content.

Since then, he’s found himself on the right side of issues in the public eye, such as cutting ties with Carson ‘CallMeCarson’ King and mocking Dream’s ‘simplistic’ merch.

However, some people have turned on him after someone dug up an old comment he wrote that has been labeled Islamaphobic. In response to streamer Robert ‘Aplfisher’ Fisher’s zoomed-in selfie, Jschlatt wrote, “The face of Allah.”


It went unnoticed at the time. However, now that it’s blown up again on social media, Twitter users are pouring in to express their concerns.

“What the f**k? I don’t give a sh*t if it was from three f**king years ago. What in the actual hell? Goodf**king bye!” wrote one outraged fan.

“I have no issue at people who are mad at this because it’s perfectly fine to be,” wrote another. However, that same person was also annoyed that someone went out of their way to dig it up again, which they believe will only cause “more harm.”


The sentiment was shared by several others, who added that it was only a “joke” and wouldn’t be considered controversial if he had written “god” instead of “Allah.”

Jschlatt’s comments clearly offended some people, and the whole debacle has snowballed into a heated debate.

He hasn’t commented on the situation, which could signify that he’s waiting for the waters to settle. But the fiasco might have cost him some fans.