Joe Rogan reveals what Daniel Cormier really said to Jake Paul in UFC 261 confrontation - Dexerto

Joe Rogan reveals what Daniel Cormier really said to Jake Paul in UFC 261 confrontation

Published: 30/Apr/2021 11:34

by Jacob Hale


Throughout UFC 261, despite some major fights taking place, there was one name making headlines across the entire internet: Jake Paul.

The YouTube superstar showed up at the event just days after beating former UFC man Ben Askren in a boxing match, and had the entire crowd chanting “F**k Jake Paul” throughout.

What really took fans by surprise though was his confrontation with former heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, and it looks like things could be heating up between the two of them.

While there are videos of the exchange, the crowd noise drowns out what was said — but now Rogan has explained what actually went down.


Discussing the Jake Paul v Ben Askren pay-per-view numbers, as well as the UFC event itself, Rogan and guest Andrew Santino obviously couldn’t ignore the obvious Paul v Cormier ordeal.

With Santino asking what Cormier really said to the YouTube star, Rogan revealed all. He said: “DC said ‘Take my f**king name out of your mouth, I’m not a kid, I will f**k you up.’”

He added that “it’s a f**king former UFC heavyweight champion of the world… That’s not what you want!”

Santino commends Paul on his ability to “p*ss everybody off” before the two discuss the legitimacy of the Askren v Paul PPV numbers.


Dana White recently accused Jake Paul of lying about said numbers which, according to Rogan, more than double that of the UFC 261 figures.

Cormier isn’t the only UFC fighter Paul has beef with now, either. On April 28, the former Disney star accepted a challenge from the 19-1 welterweight champion Kamara Usman for a boxing match. Needless to say, Jake Paul has got his pick of the bunch right now.