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Joe Rogan & Jake Paul hilariously mocked in SNL’s ‘Mellen’ sketch with Jason Sudeikis

Published: 24/Oct/2021 16:34

by Joe Craven


Podcaster and stand-up comedian Joe Rogan found himself being mocked in a new Jason Sudeikis led Saturday Night Live comedy sketch. He wasn’t the only one though, with YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul also in the firing line. 

Saturday Night Live has long flexed its comedic muscles by poking fun at celebrities of all backgrounds and satirizing the latest trends. As digital platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Spotify create new stars, they find themselves in the proverbial sights of SNL.

That was the case in October 23’s show, led by Ted Lasso actor Jason Sudeikis. He was the star of the ‘Mellen’ sketch, a skit which targeted Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, toxic masculinity, and more.


Saturday Night Live opening scree
SNL is a hallmark of American comedy.

As the show satirized male entertainment Sudeikis, in character as Mellen, fired some humorous shots at Rogan.

“Plus, we’re going to cook wild boar meat with Joe Rogan and the guy from Ancient Aliens, who might be Joe Rogan in a wig,” he joked.

It’s hard to imagine it’s not targeting Joe Rogan’s dietary habits from the past, which have included entirely carnivorous diets, as well as his love of hunting.

Rogan wasn’t the only internet star to be targeted in the sketch though, with it quickly turning its attention to Jake Paul.

The boxer has been ridiculed recently for calling out Tyson Fury after his epic win over Deontay Wilder, something that SNL appeared to satirize as a bullish Jake Paul – played bizarrely by comedian Pete Davidson – continued to challenge Muhammad Ali, despite Mellen reminding him of the legendary boxer’s passing.


There was even a nod to the bet Paul and Tommy Fury are said to have, which would see Fury change his name to Tommy Fumbles for a year if he is defeated.

The SNL sketch is nothing new, but the reappraisal of its targets reflects the incredible impact platforms like YouTube and Spotify are having on the world of celebrities.