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Joe Rogan explains why “toxic” Twitter is ruining the younger generation

Published: 22/Aug/2020 11:53

by Georgina Smith


In a new episode of his podcast, Joe Rogan explained why he feels that Twitter, and the reliance on texts as opposed to face-to-face communication, is ruining the younger generation, and why he thinks Twitter will go the same way as Blockbuster video.

Joe Rogan has made no secret of his growing dissatisfaction with LA influencer culture specifically, even going as far as to move his Joe Rogan Experience podcast over to Texas where he could “have a little more freedom.”

In episode 1529 of the podcast with Whitney Cummings and Annie Lederman, they delved into the topic of how the unhealthiness of Twitter can be pinned to people’s reliance on it.


Whitney Cummings Annie Lederman
Instagram: Joe Rogan
Whitney and Annie were the guests on episode 1529

“Why are you spending so much time complaining about other people all day?” Joe said, “I’ll tell you why, because you’re not healthy. If I look at your Twitter timeline and I’m seeing tweets 12 hours a day, you’re a crazy person!”

Comedian Whitney Cummings responds “do you think there’ll be a day where we will look back and go ‘remember when anyone could get on Twitter at any time’… Do you think there’ll be restrictions?”

Joe doesn’t agree, instead saying “I think Twitter’s gonna be like Blockbuster video. I think we’re gonna look back, ‘you remember when we used to communicate through Twitter? Like, oh my God it was so toxic. Everybody was so mean.’”


He discusses the fact that social media comprises the “vast majority” of people’s communication these days, particularly the younger generation, and that it’s proving to stunt people’s social and emotional development.

Joe Rogan on LA
YouTube: PowerfulJRE
Joe Rogan discusses his move from LA to Texas

“These kids are arguing with each other through text cause they don’t wanna look at each other and talk like human beings. But that’s the only way you develop and grow as a person.”

Although some may disagree with Joe’s theory that Twitter and other social media platforms are proving to be detrimental to society’s collective social development, it will be interesting to see how the future of these companies pan out, and find out whether Joe’s prediction comes true.