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Joe Rogan explains why Jake Paul has big advantage in Ben Askren boxing fight

Published: 29/Jan/2021 10:16

by Connor Bennett


UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan has weighed in on the Jake Paul vs Ben Askren matchup, echoing the thoughts of others that Askren might struggle against the YouTube star. 

After a number of rumors, as well as calling out Conor McGregor, it was confirmed on January .. that Jake Paul would be stepping into a boxing ring for the fourth time and squaring off against former Olympian Ben Askren.

The announcement immediately raised eyebrows given that, despite his MMA championship-winning background, Askren has never been known for his striking, and a move into boxing is a strange one for him. 


Plenty of pundits have already started to weigh in with their initial thoughts, and that includes Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub, who dove into the topic of the fight during episode 1603 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. 

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The two fighters are set to square off in mid-April.

Rogan and Schaub discussed the backgrounds of both fighters, and how all the early talk has been that Jake will get a pretty clean, knockout win. Schaub referenced Askren’s Olympian mentality, and how he’ll use that in the fight, but Rogan was more skeptical about his boxing ability.

“One thing I don’t believe is that Ben Askren would knock out Nate Robinson in the same Jake Paul did. He might beat him,” Joe said. “Ben is not an explosive guy. He’s very good at utilizing his superior wrestling knowledge, positions, and techniques. He’s strong as f**k, he knows how to get ahold of guys, and drag them to the ground. He won’t be able to do that. His main thing will be out.” 


While Schaub noted that, when it comes to tie-ups, Askren might be able to wear the YouTuber out and drag him deep into the fight, Rogan was more glowing of Jake’s skills of getting out with a win. “You watch him hit pads, watch him hit bags, watch him spar – he’s got good timing, he’s got very good hand speed, his technique is excellent,” he added. He’s got very good striking technique.”

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As for when it comes to fight night, the pair both admitted that they’ll be watching, and won’t be turning away like others. “I’m going to watch,” Joe continued. “Oh, take my f**king money dude. It’s the perfect opponent for Jake,” said Schaub. 


The result will have major implications for both fighters, but we can expect a breakdown from Rogan after the April 17 bout. Who knows how he’ll react.