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Joe Rogan explains why he often says things he doesn’t agree with on JRE Podcast

Published: 1/May/2021 17:13

by Connor Bennett


Joe Rogan explained the reason why he often makes mistakes and says stuff even he doesn’t believe during his podcasts after coming under fire for some of his recent comments.

Ever since the Joe Rogan Experience first launched over a decade ago, Joe Rogan has been giving his own unique take on things on a weekly basis.

The UFC commentator gives into a whole range of topics with his guests, be it their careers, something that’s newsworthy, or even wilder like his favorite theories about Area 51.

More recently, the 53-year-old has come increasingly under fire for some of the guests he’s had on, as well as some of the views they’ve aired, as well as his own. However, he’s moved to clarify a few things.


Joe Rogan
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Joe Rogan hosts one of the most popular podcasts worldwide.

During episode 1642 of the JRE Podcast, Joe was chatting with his pal Andrew Santino, when he touched on some of the stupider comments he’s made on the show, and why he shouldn’t be taken all the serious, given he often disagrees with himself when he circles back to what he’s said.

“Listen, here’s the thing, these are not like planned statements, let’s be real clear. When I say something stupid, I’m not thinking about what I’m going to say before I say it, I’m just saying it,” Rogan said. “I don’t have an off-air or on-air voice, I don’t. I have me, this is it.


“I got through the net and I’m swimming in open waters, and that’s just how I live. If you say you disagree with me, I probably disagree with me too! I disagree with me all the time.”

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Rogan further noted that, sometimes, he says “stupid s**t” because a lot of the time he and his guest are drinking or are high during the podcast.

As he notes himself, he’s not going to move away from saying anything that might be perceived as stupid, given it’s not planned at all.