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James Charles facing more accusations for “disgusting” behavior towards 17-year-old & others

Published: 27/Feb/2021 22:46 Updated: 1/Mar/2021 20:10

by Charlotte Colombo


Two more people have come forward on Twitter accusing James Charles of overstepping boundaries following recent allegations of “grooming” by a 16-year-old fan. One of the accusers is 17. 

In now-deleted Tweets, one of the accusers, who goes by the Twitter name ‘a0nnnj,’ claims that he introduced himself as 17 immediately in a video sent to Charles. He says that in response to the video, despite him making clear that he was a minor, James “continued” to flirt with him, calling him “cute.”

While the Twitter user makes it clear that “nothing s*xual happened” between him and James Charles, he remarked that to him, it “was still weird how he [Charles] continued to talk to me and flirt after I told him I was 17.”


“Hearing many other guys speak out about it, I wanted to share,” he added.

The second accuser, whose tweets at the time of writing remain live on his account ‘Lifeofuzzy’, claimed that he too had a “disgusting experience” with James.

He claims that the experience happened shortly after the situation with Tati Westbrook and Sam Cooke – where Charles was accused of trying to manipulate straight men into sexual relationships with him.

The accuser shared screenshots and screen recordings which allegedly show interactions between himself and James. He claims that while the YouTuber was initially “very nice” to him, the conversation soon turned flirty, with Charles calling him “daddy” and “babe” despite previously telling the Twitter user that he wasn’t looking for anything.


He also says that on the third day of talking to James “things spiraled out of control,” with the influencer “spamming” him and “begging [him] to do disgusting things on video call.”

The fan said that they felt that Charles had “used [him] for their sexual pleasure”, and claimed that the internet personality screenshot explicit photos he sent him without his consent.

“I’ve decided to come out with my story now because I didn’t feel comfortable speaking about it in the past,” he said. “However, seeing all this stuff on Twitter really changed my mind.”

He went on to discuss the claims in a series of TikTok videos in which he explained the context behind the screen recordings.



Reply to @dahna25 (part 1) full story since people think I’m lying, clout chasing, twisting stuff up, & creating a FAKE STORY. Ill explain everything

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This comes after a 16-year-old fan alleged in a TikTok video that the YouTuber sent nude pictures of himself before “pressuring” the fan to do the same. Showing screenshots of the alleged exchange in the video, the fan said that “he [Charles] started making the conversation very sexual, and it made me really uncomfortable.”

James later responded with an online statement, calling the accusations “completely false.” He claimed that the fan had initially said they were 18, and said that when he found out the fan was underage, he told the fan he was “really uncomfortable” with the situation and unfriended him.