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James Charles explains the worst part of having a major YouTube following

Published: 21/Apr/2019 22:13 Updated: 21/Apr/2019 22:15

by Virginia Glaze


James Charles is one of YouTube’s most popular makeup moguls, with over 15 million subscribers on the platform – but his massive following isn’t all sunshine and roses.

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Charles posted a Tweet revealing the worst part of his major internet presence, claiming that he is unable to defend himself against critics’ “assumptions” about his character.

“One of the questions I get asked the most in interviews is, ‘What’s the worst part about having a following?’ and I think I finally know the answer,” Charles wrote. “People that don’t know you making up assumptions about your character and not being able to defend yourself.”


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One fan asked the YouTuber if something had happened to prompt his Tweet, which he explained by claiming that he becomes a target for hate after reacting negatively to “being used.”

“I just get used and hurt by other people and react like any normal human would, yet somehow I’m STILL the bad guy,” he replied.

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Charles’ dramatic dating life

Charles’ statement could be linked to another one of his mysteriously deleted Tweets, where he appeared to call male model (and alleged boyfriend) Gage Gomez a “con artist.”

“Nope, unfortunately, I am still very single,” Charles wrote in response to a fan on April 17. “This boy played me for months on end and is a disgusting con artist. I’m thankful I had my friends with me to protect me.”


James Charles, InstagramJames Charles is one of YouTube’s most popular makeup artists, sporting over 15 million subscribers and counting.

Fans speculated that the “con artist” in question was Gomez, prompting the model to come out with a statement on the matter denying accusations of being a “clout chaser.”

Gomez’s video even showed a purported screenshot of DM’s with Charles apologizing for creating the Tweet, stating that he was “angry” because his followers caught on to their relationship- which was “exactly what I didn’t want.”

The price of internet fame

Charles’ latest Tweet likewise follows accusations that the YouTuber was caught performing a public sex act in the Ferris Wheel at Coachella, which he denied in a humorous Instagram comment shortly thereafter.


It comes as no surprise that Charles bemoans his fame, at times; in fact, the YouTuber’s internet stardom is so great that one of his UK meet and greet events incited an hours-long gridlock outside of the Bullring shopping center in Birmingham in late January.