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Jake Paul’s top 5 most controversial moments before FBI raid

Published: 6/Aug/2020 20:08

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Jake Paul turned heads across the net after his sprawling Team 10 mansion was raided by the FBI on August 5 — but that’s far from the only time he’s been at the center of controversy throughout his divisive career as an online entertainer.

Jake Paul is the infamous younger brother of YouTuber Logan Paul, who incited the ire of the entire internet after filming the body of a suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara ‘Suicide Forest’ in early 2018.


Since then, both Paul brothers have been wrapped in controversy; but while Logan has seemingly matured (and even started his own podcast), Jake continues to spark criticism left and right.

The FBI raid on Paul’s home is just the culmination of a slew of divisive moments during his time as a top YouTuber, which include such offenses as becoming a massive nuisance to his neighbors, being accused of scamming his child fans, and even throwing a party in the middle of quarantine.

Jake Paul poses with a boxing championship belt.
YouTube star Jake Paul is more than an entertainer – he’s also a white-collar boxer, but could his future bout against former NBA pro Nate Robinson be affected by the FBI raid at his home?

Setting a fire in his backyard

While both Paul brothers are known for “going full send” and pulling off insane stunts, Jake’s early days as Team 10 founder were on another level; particularly in regards to where he filmed his crazy content.


Paul incited the wrath of his neighbors multiple times throughout 2017, not least including an instance where he set fire to a mattress in the middle of a drained pool in his backyard.

Considering that summer in California is peak fire season, it stands to reason that his neighbors’ feathers were more than a little ruffled; but that wasn’t the last time they’d be ranting to the HOA about their then-20-year-old neighborhood menace.

Climbing on top of a news van

With fame comes fans — and overly-enthusiastic ones, at that. Paul’s previous Team 10 address got leaked to the public, causing a slew of young viewers to turn up to his home (and annoy his neighbors, in the process).


“It used to be a really nice quiet street, and now we’re just this war zone,” one of his neighbors vented to KTLA at the time. “We’re families here, and we’re more than happy to have them live here if they’re respectful of their neighbors, but they’re not.”

When a news crew showed up to film a story about the YouTuber, he truly embodied the definition of “full send” by completely owning the controversy, climbing on top of the news van that had driven into the neighborhood to document the proceedings (in spite of warnings from the crew against doing so).


Accusations of scamming his fans

Jumping to early 2019, Paul was met with a slew of accusations of scamming his fans, many of which are young girls or children. The YouTuber had promoted a website that many felt was essentially a gambling platform, promising fans the chance at winning luxury items by purchasing a “mystery box.”

Users could spend anywhere from $12 to $100 on the boxes for the chance at getting items like a simple fidget spinner to pair of designer shoes — but the scamming accusations didn’t end there.

Flashing forward to 2019, Paul was also met with similar allegations in regards to his ‘Financial Freedom Movement’ project, the trailer for which appeared to discourage his viewers from pursuing higher education.


For up to $480, Paul promised fans a wealth of education to free them from the shackles of debt and the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle — but nothing ever came of his promises, and many YouTubers like PewDiePie called out his ‘Movement’ as a “scam” and “complete bulls***t.”

Criminally charged after Arizona looting

However, these instances paled in comparison (if that’s even possible) to his involvement in a looting in Scottsdale, Arizona, during the massive protests that rocked the nation after the death of George Floyd.

Paul was met with backlash after many thought he was taking part in the looting, although the YouTuber argued he simply meant to film a moment in history — but he was handed charges of criminal trespassing and unlawful assembly shortly thereafter, which he waved off in a Tweet encouraging critics to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Throwing a party amid lockdown

Paul came under the microscope a month later, after neighbors filmed him throwing a packed house party in the middle of quarantine. Inviting top-tier TikTokkers, YouTubers and other influencers to his home, his Team 10 mansion in Calabasas, CA was chock full of youngsters like Bryce Hall, with videos showing the star hanging off the end of a bulldozer.

The event even angered Calabasas mayor Alicia Weintraub, who worked with local law enforcement to enact a “zero-tolerance policy” regarding large indoor gatherings during the current global climate.

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Now, it seems that Paul’s Calabasas mansion has been ransacked by the FBI, who found numerous firearms within the residence. The famed Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada was also raided, with many critics theorizing that two instances could be tied to Izadi Armani, Jake Paul’s manager of sorts and a convicted pimp.

For now, no information regarding the raid has been released, aside from news that the search was, in fact, related to Paul’s involvement in the Arizona lootings in June.

All viewers can do is watch and wait for more information as the star — who was set to face off with former NBA pro Nate Robinson in September — appears to be involved in some serious legal trouble.