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Jake Paul responds to sympathetic reactions from Shane Dawson docuseries

Published: 11/Oct/2018 0:22 Updated: 11/Oct/2018 5:12

by Virginia Glaze


The latest episode of Shane Dawson’s docuseries, covering controversial YouTuber Jake Paul, has garnered Paul a massive amount of sympathy online.

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Paul went live on Instagram just after the episode dropped to share his thoughts in regards audiences’ reactions toward the video.

While he thanked viewers for sympathizing with him, he also felt that the series’ fifth episode finally showed him for who he really was.

“First of all, thank you, but I told y’all!” he shouted to the camera. “I’m not a piece of shit! Only sometimes!”

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Paul has similarly retweeted Tweets giving him praise for his attitude during the video, one of which cited him as “laid back, nice, smart and actually pretty humble.”


A quick search through Twitter reveals a plethora of similar Tweets expressing sympathy for the YouTuber, despite skepticism that audiences might have had toward him previously.

“It would appear I have found myself in a situation where I might quite like Jake Paul,” one user Tweeted.

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The fifth episode of Dawson’s series finally took viewers inside the Team 10 mansion, where he had a brief interview with Paul that revealed a closer look into the YouTuber’s family life and childhood.

Paul admitted that his competitive childhood and turbulent family dynamics had pushed his creative drive on the YouTube platform, and that growing up in Ohio had led him to perform crazy stunts for fun.


A series of clips toward the end of the video teased the possibility that episode six will cover his tempestuous relationship with ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet, which Paul cited as being the part of the project that he was “most terrified” about.