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Jake Paul ‘isn’t interested’ in the sociopath scare of Shane Dawson docuseries

Published: 2/Oct/2018 19:25

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber Jake Paul has been the center of ample internet controversy since the release of Shane Dawson’s latest documentary series, which entertains the idea that Paul – and his family – could be sociopathic.

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While Paul created an initial video responding to the series, he has since released a few additional statements through Twitter, which revealed his lack of interest in Dawson’s ‘sociopath’ focus.

“I hope he can actually make it clear who I am and why I’ve done certain things, and show the side of me that no one has ever seen,” Paul wrote. “That’s why I agreed to do the series… the ‘sociopath’ stuff doesn’t interest me.”


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This Tweet followed his response to Dawson’s statement on the matter, where Dawson explained that the ‘sociopath element’ was added to the series to ‘open up the conversation.’

It appears as though Paul wasn’t wholly satisfied with that explanation. “…you still haven’t made it clear that you’re determining whether or not I am a sociopath,” he replied to Dawson. “The way it comes off (at least to me and my family) is that you’re already labeling me a ‘sociopath’ (this tweet also comes off that way).”

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Paul held that he wasn’t a sociopath in a video preceding the second episode of Dawson’s series, which has since gained its fair share of criticism for its handling of Antisocial Personality Disorder.


Dawson has since released a third video, where he explored the Paul family’s dynamics through their YouTube channels – which led him to some interesting conclusions as to the Paul brothers’ controversial behavior.

The fourth episode of Dawson’s series will further investigate the Paul family, and is set to air on Wednesday, October 3.