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Jake Paul explains why he’ll eat McDonalds before Nate Robinson fight

Published: 17/Aug/2020 11:17

by Matt Porter


YouTube star Jake Paul is training for his upcoming boxing bout against former NBA player Nate Robinson, but has claimed he’s not working on cardio and been eating McDonalds as he’ll knock his opponent out within one round. 

The Team 10 founder is best known for his YouTube antics, amassing over 20 million subscribers throughout his controversial spell on the site. Paul isn’t just interested in YouTube though, having also spent time working on music as part of his blossoming rap career, and turning his attention to the world of sports with his foray into the sweet science of boxing.


After taking down Deji in his first white-collar bout, Jake Paul made his professional debut back in January with a stoppage victory over Brit AnEsonGib, and is now slated to take on former Knicks point guard Nate Robinson later this year as part of the Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. undercard.

With the fight looming on the horizon, it’s no surprise that Paul has already started training. However, the 23-year-old raised some eyebrows during an interview with TMZ Sports, claiming that he wasn’t training cardio for the fight and was eating McDonalds as he wouldn’t need to go past the first round with Robinson.


Jake Paul, Instagram
Jake Paul claims he’s ignoring cardio training ahead of his showdown with Robinson.

After word that the Tyson vs Jones Jr. fight card had been delayed to November, Paul stated that while the postponement gave Robinson “more time to train,” it wouldn’t matter because the former NBA star is in “serious trouble” with the 10-ounce boxing gloves and the lack of headgear giving the YouTuber a distinct advantage over his foe thanks to his experience in this ruleset from his AnEsonGib bout.

“I’m a dog, I knock out all my sparring partners,” he continued. “This isn’t a game, I really do this f**king sport. The agenda that people have for me is not funny. I really box.”


“I was eating McDonalds the other day, and they were like ‘Should you be eating McDonalds? You’re training for a fight.’ I said the only reason it would matter is if the fight [goes] past one round, like I don’t need cardio for this sh*t. He’s getting knocked out in one round, on God.”

According to Brandon ‘Scoop B.’ Robinson, the bout will take place with a 185 lbs weight limit, with pair scheduled for eight three-minute rounds. If by the end of the eighth and final round both men are still standing, the decision will be placed into the hands of the ringside judges to score based on the pair’s performances.


While a judge’s decision is always a possibility, Paul is confident he won’t need it and claims he won’t even train for the idea of the fight heading into the later rounds.

Should Robinson make it out of round one though, the 23-year-old may live to regret this decision, as it’s likely that the former NBA player will come into the bout in top shape, which could prove the difference between the two should the fight continue.