Jake Paul claims Conor McGregor is “the most underpaid fighter" amid Dana White feud - Dexerto

Jake Paul claims Conor McGregor is “the most underpaid fighter” amid Dana White feud

Published: 16/Aug/2021 11:38

by Georgina Smith


YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has claimed that Conor McGregor is “the most underpaid fighter in history” amid his feud with UFC president Dana White over fighters’ pay.

Over the past year particularly, YouTuber Jake Paul, who has over 20 million subscribers on his channel, has turned his attention primarily to boxing, where he’s been stepping into the ring with some big pro-fighters.

One thing about the industry he has been vocal about is the issue of fighters not getting paid what they’re worth by big organizations like UFC.

This has led him to enter into a back-and-forth feud with UFC president Dana White. After White disputed the PPV numbers for Paul’s fight with Ben Askren, the YouTuber hit back by saying “maybe it’s time to pay your fighters their fair share.”


Jake Paul Cleared Charges
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The influencer has been making a name for himself in the boxing world.

After Showtime Sports executive Stephen Espinoza appeared in an interview talking about Paul’s stance, the influencer explained why they’ve teamed up.

“I partnered with @stephenespinoza bc he created the biggest PPVs in history & made sure fighters got majority of the revenue..not 10% like UFC does,” he said.

The social media star then went on to claim: “McGregor is the most underpaid fighter in history (what he gets paid to fight versus the value he has brought to UFC, ESPN and MMA)”

While not everyone agreed with the YouTuber’s take, some defended him in the replies by pointing out the number of fighters that are in difficult living situations as a result of the amount of pay they receive.


Jake has previously revealed that he is in talks with Conor McGregor’s team about a future fight, and with him looking serious about taking on the huge name, many will be eager to see whether it does actually go ahead.