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Jack Link’s Jerky denies David Dobrik partnership after “non-consensual conduct” claims

Published: 17/Feb/2021 10:51

by Jacob Hale


Jerky company Jack Link’s has denied that any partnership or collaboration occurred with David Dobrik in a video that a former Vlog Squad member described as “traumatizing”, following non-consensual physical conduct.

On February 12, Seth Francois, who used to be in the Vlog Squad, explained that he was “touched by someone I did not consent to” in a controversial makeout video.

In the video, he believed he was to be kissing popular streamer Corinna Kopf but ended up locking lips with Dobrik’s best friend and comedian Jason Nash.

This exact prank ended up happening twice, despite Seth not consenting to it, and the first video is now unlisted and age-restricted on David’s YouTube channel. It has amassed almost 10 million views.


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Dobrik and Francois filmed plenty of videos together, but some of them clearly went too far.

With some fans spotting some of Jack Link’s products in the videos, they demanded answers from the jerky company, asking for comment on what they believed to be a collaboration or sponsorship.

Now, Jack Link’s have denied any partnership with Dobrik occurred, responding to multiple requests for information or explanation.

Speaking of the video, they said: “Jack Link’s does not tolerate or condone any non-consensual conduct such as what happened in this video. We vet partnerships to ensure individuals uphold the values of our company. This was not in partnership with our brand, & we stand against the kind of behavior it displayed.”


While Dobrik has not yet commented on the drama, the videos have been either unlisted or made private — and therefore unwatchable — on his channel, suggesting he’s well aware of the issue and outrage it has caused.

As for Jack Link’s, the company is clearly keen to distance itself from the situation, and does not want to play any part in the videos that have traumatized multiple former Vlog Squad members.

Whether Dobrik responds to the allegations and addresses his former friends’ complaints remains to be seen.