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Is viral TikTok ‘charge card’ phone charger real & can you get one?

Published: 8/Jan/2021 18:32

by Georgina Smith


A TikToker has gone viral after filming his boss showing off a ‘card charger,’ a credit card size phone charger that can supposedly charge your phone in seconds just by leaving it on the screen. But some commenters aren’t quite so sure that such a product really exists.

With TikTok’s insane power to make the most random things go viral, and its razor-sharp ‘For You Page’ algorithm, users find the weirdest and most wonderful things on the app every day, leaving people in the comments desperate to know more.

One phenomenon that unexpectedly gained an insane amount of popularity was TikTok’s take on a Ratatouille musical, in which people were composing songs that would eventually end up in an actually live-streamed version of the musical.


TikTok loading page on a phone with a bright background
Wikimedia Commons, Solen Feyissa
TikTok is a hotspot for viral trends and fascinating videos.

This week, one of the most fascinating things to go viral was a credit card-shaped ‘charger’ that is apparently able to charge your phone wirelessly within seconds.

TikTok user guapo.704 uploaded a video with the caption, “My boss living in 3021,” and introduced Randy Shirley to his viewers. Randy showed the camera that his phone was running low on charge, and then whipped out a futuristic-looking ‘charge card.’


@buck35ts #fyp

♬ original sound – guapo.704

He placed it on top of his phone and the battery percentage began to increase at an unbelievable rate, with the charge card’s indication bar going down simultaneously.

Is the TikTok Charge Card real?

The insane video baffled its 8 million viewers, but not everyone was entirely convinced that it could be real.


“Lithium-ion batteries cannot charge that fast lest they explode from the excess heat. Also can’t charge over bluetooth. This is CAPPPP,” one user said. “It’s just a screen recording guys. I hope you know it’s physically impossible for that to happen,” another wrote.


#duet with @guapo.704

♬ original sound – guapo.704

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On Randy’s own account, people flooded his comments asking where they could get their hands on the cool invention, with the unexpected viral star only saying it’s a “prototype” and “if I get to 10k followers, I’d like to share all the info.”

So, unfortunately, it seems that for the time being, people won’t be able to get their hands on the nifty-looking invention, as it may not actually exist. How exactly Randy did it is unclear, but maybe he’ll let viewers in on the secret in the future.