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Is TikTok actually shutting down in 2021? Viral post worries users

Published: 4/May/2021 12:39

by Lauren Bergin


TikTok has easily become a household name, but a joke video claiming that the site will be shutting down in May, 2021 has gone viral. However, there’s no need to worry.

Video creation website TikTok has become an internet sensation over the past few years, but that doesn’t mean that it’s immune to backlash.

Throughout Donald Trump’s presidency there were numerous attempts to ban the website in the United States, which in turn led to a lawsuit against the US government.

Therefore, when a recent viral TikTok claimed that the website would be closing its virtual doors in May of 2021, fans began to panic.


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TikTok has a pretty rocky history, but it seems like it’s here to stay.

TikTok video says site will shut in 2021

It turns out that the site was a victim of its own success, as a viral video from user TheBlondJon struck fear into the hearts of users everywhere.

The short clip saw him interviewing a host of other creators about a supposed site shutdown penciled in for May 15.

At the end of each creator’s segment, Jon states “share this to a friend to scare ’em, TikTok isn’t getting shut down!”

With a triumphant screech he darts off into the sunset, knowing that he’ll likely cause millions of users to have a miniature heart attack.


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Is TikTok shutting down in 2021?

And that’s exactly what happened. Users all over the world started to fact-check Jon, with many finding no evidence that the site will be dropping in 2021.


While Jon’s video is just for fun, he raises an interesting question about TikTok’s future. With India banning the app alongside popular mobile game PUBG in 2020 and with the US still having a complex relationship with the site, it’ll be interesting to see if it continues to snowball in popularity.

With internet sensations such as Addison Rae and the D’Amelio sisters making a pretty decent living from the site, it’s become the home for thousands of content creators across the globe.

So in short, no, TikTok will not be closing in 2021.