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Is Team 10 legit? Former manager Nick Crompton tells all in Shane Dawson docuseries

Published: 3/Oct/2018 20:51

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber Shane Dawson took a deep dive into the dynamics of Jake Paul’s social media group ‘Team 10’ in the newest episode of his docuseries, ‘The Mind of Jake Paul.’

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In the fifty-minute video, Dawson visited the home/office of former Team 10 COO Nick Crompton, who only agreed to an in-depth interview due to Jake’s express permission.

The two discussed the legitimacy of Team 10 in terms of the group’s prank videos and abuse allegations.

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Crompton held that the pranks had all been pre-planned, and described the Team 10 house as ‘a bunch of people living together and having fun,’ even using the term ‘family’ in relation to the group.


“I feel like anyone who’s a little bit older knows that it’s all fake,” he told Dawson. “It’s difficult to say that they’re fake when there’s loads of young kids enjoying and watching it.”

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Team 10 – and Jake Paul, in particular – were pulled into a controversy when the Martinez Twins came forward with claims of abuse from the group, citing multiple instances of documented behavior that included being handcuffed to a bed and their room being destroyed.

Crompton stated that the Twins knew of these pranks beforehand, and admitted that the room Paul destroyed was a fake.


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He also revealed that Logan Paul had slept with Jake’s ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet – although it seems like that controversy wasn’t planned.

Dawson doesn’t seem to be ending the investigation there: His next episode will dive into Jake’s relationship with Violet, hinting at a possible interview with the YouTuber via a voicemail, as well as filming secret footage of Team 10.