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Is Tana Mongeau boxing soon? YouTuber reveals two undisclosed offers for Dubai fight

Published: 3/Sep/2021 21:42

by Virginia Glaze


The boxing bug is infecting just about every influencer out there, and Tana Mongeau is no exception, revealing she’s received two mysterious offers for a bout in Dubai.

YouTube stars KSI and Joe Weller faced off in a boxing match in 2018 that would kick off a major trend of influencers settling their differences in the ring.

Now, just about every high-profile YouTuber, TikToker, and otherwise has boasted about putting on the gloves and giving their rival a good one-two… including several female TikTokers.

In June, LiveXLive announced an all-female influencer boxing event, although further news on the card has yet to be revealed. In the meantime, MTV starlet Tana Mongeau has thrown her own name into the ring, which streamer Corinna Kopf accepted — “for a check.”


More recently, Mongeau revealed that she’s received two offers for a potential boxing event in Dubai… news startlingly similar to rumors of Logan Paul fighting MMA legend Anderson Silva in the city on September 19.

Although a September event is essentially off the cards now, as nothing has been officially teased now that the first of the month has come and gone, it could be that the project has been pushed back. LiveXLive’s proposed female boxing event was also teased for the fall, and could very well include Tana, if she accepts.

Mongeau spoke about the offers during a recent episode of her podcast featuring Harry Jowsey, claiming that she’s unsure if she’ll take the offer or not.


“You got two offers last week in Dubai,” Mongeau’s co-host said off-camera.

“I don’t even know who I’m supposed to fight,” Mongeau added. “I guess, apparently, that’s still happening.”

(Topic begins at 45 minutes)

While it seems like Mongeau isn’t necessarily uber-jazzed about the prospect of training every day for a possible boxing match, she did recognize that a decent amount of money could be made from the venture.

For now, it’s unclear who Mongau will be facing off against — but her manager seemed set on getting her in the ring sometime in the future.