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Is Summit1g moving to Mixer? Twitch star quizzed on stream

Published: 21/Apr/2020 11:26

by David Purcell


Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar has had viewers jump into his Twitch channel in the hundreds of thousands since streaming Valorant, but his future on the platform appears uncertain. 

The popular variety streamer has had a huge part to play in a number of games blowing up in recent times, including Sea of Thieves, GTA RP, Jump Master, and Escape from Tarkov, making him one of Twitch’s biggest assets.

However, with Microsoft looking to grow Mixer year on year, it’s generated a real fight between the two to sign top stars down to big deals – as seen with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, who sealed big money contracts with the rival company. Next, though, might be summit. At least, that’s what some fans are thinking.


Twitter: Ninja
Ninja and shroud have moved from Twitch to Mixer. Will summit be next>

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The leader of the 1G Squad has an enormous following on his Twitch channel, amounting to over 5.2 million at the time of writing, with thousands of them subscribing to his channel per month.

Back in January, the streamer hinted at big changes coming up for him and his community, claiming that “one of the biggest moments of my life is happening somewhat soon.” That said, his followers haven’t really heard much more than that since.

One user put him on his toes about his thoughts on Mixer during a broadcast on April 19, and his answer left the door wipe open. Summit replied: “Listen, I’m obviously not going to be talking about my decisions until they get officially announced, but yeah, I think for the time being we just leave it at that.”


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The former CS:GO player didn’t leave it there, though, dropping another hint that something big will be announced in the near future. He added: “Hit me up in a couple of weeks or like a month with the same question, and I’ll give you an answer.”

Whether he will be making the move to Mixer or not remains to be seen, but should he move over, it will be interesting to see how many of his loyal supporters on Twitch will jump across with him.