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Is Shane Dawson the real sociopath? True Geordie criticizes Jake Paul docuseries

Published: 29/Sep/2018 22:05 Updated: 29/Sep/2018 22:16

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and internet sportscaster Brain ‘True Geordie’ Davis sat down on his podcast to discuss Shane Dawson’s latest docuseries covering social media star Jake Paul.

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In the series’ most recent episode, Dawson explores the possibility that Paul – and many other YouTubers – could be a sociopath.

Geordie expressed some criticism on this idea, as well as his docuseries as a whole thus far, stating that Dawson was an ‘overreactor,’ and insinuated that Dawson was milking the project for views.

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He likewise felt that Dawson was slandering peoples’ images, and held that Jake Paul could be just “a self-absorbed prick who got famous very young,” rather than a full-blown psychopath.


In addition, Geordie accused Dawson of performing the same tactics that Logan Paul used in his apology video, using music of a certain genre to incite a reaction out of audiences.

“I think he’s willing to compromise in order to make something that’s going to catapult his career,” he said of Dawson’s integrity.

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Geordie likewise set out to answer if Dawson himself was a sociopath – albeit jokingly.

“Do you know when that kid at school is going around telling everyone, ‘That kid’s gay…’ When really you find out a few years later that kid that wanted everyone else to be gay was actually gay? Is Shane Dawson that with sociopaths?”

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Much like Dawson’s video, Geordie mockingly began his own podcast with a series of dramatic clips against spooky music.

While Geordie criticized Dawson’s docuseries, he likewise expressed a respect for him as a creator, but is holding fast to his points. He isn’t the only one to have such sentiments around Dawson’s latest video, either – much of the internet has spoken out about the series, and Dawson has since responded in defense of his actions.


The next episode of the series, titled ‘Understanding the Family,’ is set to release on Monday, October 1.