IRL Streamer’s Car Smashed as Driver Totals Vehicle Live on Stream - Dexerto

IRL Streamer’s Car Smashed as Driver Totals Vehicle Live on Stream

Published: 16/Jun/2018 23:32 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:05

by Scott Mahoney


YouTuber ‘Scuffed Justin Carrey’ was streaming IRL at a diner when his car was hit and likely totaled by another driver. 

Though the stream did not capture the initial incident, Justin was quick to rush out to the parking lot where his buddy Gabe was nearly hit by the vehicle. 

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IRL streaming has had its fair share of controversial moments but rarely do streamers take viewers right into the midst of a car accident. 

Usually, these streams are meant to bring the audience into the life of the streamer and allow the two parties to interact.

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Justin was enjoying time with his family and friends at a diner when moments after Gabe stepped outside a car, jumped the curb.

The streamer would recap that Gabe was forced to jump out of the way to avoid being hit by the car. 

Justin’s car and his mother’s were both damaged by the unexpected collision.

He documented the aftermath of the event yelling out “CX News!”

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Fortunately, it doesn’t appear as if anyone was seriously injured in the collision.

Justin was also lucky that his car was only a rental.