IRL Streamer Witnesses Bad Crash While Broadcasting from His Car – Dexerto

IRL Streamer Witnesses Bad Crash While Broadcasting from His Car

Published: 20/Jul/2018 20:03 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 14:53

by Vincent Genova


Ebenezer ‘EbZ’ Lembe was driving in his car on stream when a bad car crash happened right in front of him.

EbZ had the camera pointed inside of his car as he approached an intersection in Los Angeles.

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Honking and a crash noise was then heard as a shocked EbZ reached for his camera to show what just happened. The clip starts at 40:00 minutes in the video below.

Once the camera was turned around, his audience could see the results of the crash. The wreckage involved two cars in the intersection, right in front of EbZ’s car.

A Hyundai with damage to the rear end and a white car with significant damage to the front end were involved in the crash. The airbag was deployed in the white car.

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Not wanting to take the chance of another crash due to a backed up intersection in Los Angeles, EbZ drove away to safety with his camera capturing the aftermath.

Bystanders were spotted tending to the crash victims, though it is unknown what happened to them. A person can be seen getting out of the passenger side of the white car.

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EbZ is a YouTube personality and IRL streamer who predominantly streams from his car driving around Los Angeles.