IRL Twitch streamer pressing charges after man assaults him during broadcast - Dexerto

IRL Twitch streamer pressing charges after man assaults him during broadcast

Published: 30/Sep/2021 14:41 Updated: 30/Sep/2021 17:53

by Jacob Hale


An IRL streamer was absolutely baffled after a stranger on a bicycle randomly went past and kicked him in a rather sensitive area for seemingly no reason – and he’s pressing charges against them for it.

IRL streams are almost always home to some of the most bizarre and mindblowing occurrences on Twitch. From streamers completely missing famous celebrities to being attacked and robbed by a monkey, you can always expect something weird to happen.

Unfortunately, this often comes in the form of violence, perhaps only ever de-escalated thanks to the presence of a camera.

For example, earlier in September 2021, a streamer called CookSux was randomly approached by a complete stranger in Hawaii, who confronted him for a fight.


Peeguu twitch streamer instagram post
Instagram: peeguu_
Peeguu was gobsmacked, but believes the stranger may have been a viewer.

In a similar encounter, Peeguu was doing in IRL stream in Taipei when he was left dumbfounded by a surge of violence from a random stranger cycling past.

In the clip, Peeguu is just minding his own business on his phone while sat on a bench, when the stranger cycles past and gets extremely close, kicking him before cycling off.

After staring at the stranger for a moment, Peeguu said: “That guy kicked me in the nuts. I should’ve f**ked him up.”

The streamer swiftly moved on, saying that “he missed” and suggesting that he “thinks that guy’s a viewer” of the stream.


A short while after the clip went viral online, Peeguu stated on Twitter that he will be pressing charges against his assailant “to the maximum extent.”

“No one has the right to assault anyone,” he wrote in a tweet response to Dexerto. “I personally don’t believe in the use of violence – unless absolutely necessary. He is some random stranger that I’ve never encountered.”

Considering the number of similar incidents on Twitch in the past, it’s concerning that this trend continues, as IRL broadcasters share their travels with fans.

This violence is unacceptable, and this streamer taking a stand in court may help to reduce these attacks.