IRL streamer left speechless after bizarre late night encounter with Australian driver - Dexerto

IRL streamer left speechless after bizarre late night encounter with Australian driver

Published: 19/Jul/2019 17:13 Updated: 19/Jul/2019 18:26

by Meg Bethany Koepp


IRL Twitch streamer Trevor ‘Hitch’ Daneliuk was left speechless after what started out to be an innocent meeting with an Australian taxi driver turned into a rather bizarre and awkward encounter.

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Whether it likes it or not, Twitch is home to a whole hoard of bizarre and strange goings-on. It seems like something crazy happens on the daily – from streamers embroiled in housing dramas, to people being inappropriately grabbed and threatened with guns, the platform has seen it all.

IRL streamer Hitch is one example of a broadcaster who has dealt with his fair share of crazy occurrences, and this latest encounter is another to add to the ever-growing list.


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Hitch ‘hitched’ a ride

During the fourteenth day of his Australian backpacking trip on July 16, Hitch hitchhiked a ride with a driver willing to take him to his next destination. The pair got chatting, and what seemed like an innocent conversation at first quickly got awkward for the IRL streamer.

“So, what do you get up to when you do have your week off, since you don’t have any family stuff to tie you down right now? [What are] your hobbies?” Hitch asked the driver after they talked about what they do for a living.

The reply was lighthearted enough at first, with the driver detailing how he likes to go surfing, motorbike riding, and performing motor stunts. But the conversation quickly took an unexpected turn, however, after he finished up with a nonchalant “oh, and doing drugs.”


Hitch was stunned at the abruptness of the revelation, and mustered up a small “oh… okay” in reply. The air turned thick with discomfort, as the pair sat in silence for the rest of their ride.

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It’s not the only crazy encounter he’s had during his trip

The Canadian streamer had another just-as-crazy encounter during his Australia trip, except it was a much more wholesome this time.

While trying to hitchhike a lift by a set of traffic lights, he strikes gold when a driver agrees to pull over and give him a ride to the next town. In a shocking twist, the woman in question actually happened to be the mayor of said town.


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“So where are you from and what’s your name?” the lady asked politely as he took a seat in her car. “I’m from Canada and my name is Trevor!” Hitch explained.

“Hi, Trevor. I’m Amanda!” she replied, before dropping the heartwarming bomb. “And I’m the mayor of Shoalhaven! I’m the boss of the city.”

“What?!” the IRL streamer hit back excitedly. “You’re the boss of the city?! That’s pretty cool – thank you for picking me up!”

Sadly, as Amanda is the mayor of the town, she could only take him so far before she had to get back to her duties. Hitch was more than thankful though, and took the opportunity to ask her many questions about her leading role.


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With Hitch documenting his worldwide travels almost daily on his Twitch channel, who knows what wild and wonderful experiences the IRL streamer will run into next.