IRL streamer captures painful faceplanting accident on camera - Dexerto

IRL streamer captures painful faceplanting accident on camera

Published: 22/Jul/2019 22:48

by Brent Koepp


One IRL Twitch streamer was left worried for his female friend’s safety after he accidentally caught her painful accident live on camera during his June 22 broadcast.

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IRL streams are as real as it gets, which means they can be unpredictable and erratic at times. They also sometimes highlight people making bad decisions.

From Twitch star Dr Disrespect streaming in a public bathroom, to a streamer eliciting donations to play a racist alert message on a public train, IRL streams capture the ‘very best’ in human behavior. But it’s particularly hard to watch when someone gets hurt.


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When IRL streams go wrong

Streamer ‘EJipt’ was broadcasting an IRL stream when things suddenly went horribly wrong. In the clip, the streamer was presumably hanging out with a group of his friends, getting ready to jump into nearby water using a rope swing.

One female was being instructed on where to grab onto the rope and tight to hold it, before she took off and completely missed the water by a couple of feet. 

TwitchThe IRL streamer was instructing her on how to properly hold the rope before she swung off.
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The female let go of the rope but completely missed her landing, and fell face first onto the ground. It looked horribly painful, and the IRL streamer reacted by putting his camera down and running to her to see if she was okay.


It’s hard to know what went wrong. Did she grab the rope too low, was she not forward enough on the platform? 

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Thankfully, she is okay

The Twitch streamer allegedly jumped onto Discord after the stream ended, and told his worried viewers that “everything is okay” before detailing her injuries. 

“She’s just scrapped and bruised, so we’re gonna take care of her”. 

DiscordThankfully she is okay, just bruised.
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Thank God that the girl is okay – that looked nasty. If nothing else, this serves a lesson that anything can happen at any time, so it’s always a good idea to stay vigilant.