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IRL streamer ‘Bjorn’ attacked by a woman live on YouTube stream

Published: 2/Oct/2018 19:31 Updated: 2/Oct/2018 19:45

by Calum Patterson


A popular IRL streamer who goes by ‘Bjorn’ was viciously attacked at a train station during a live broadcast, continuing to film throughout the assault.

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The incident, which is believe to have taken place at Roskilde station in Denmark, sees a woman tell Bjorn to stop filming, but as he shows no indication of complying, she grabs him.

The woman proceeds to kick and punch Bjorn, and at one point looks like she is trying to knock him to the floor.

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The fight and the moments building up to it has been deleted by Bjorn, at the request of the woman who attacked him, as is shown in another clip.


Because of this, it is unknown what caused the altercation, although the woman appears to possible be inebriated, though this cannot be confirmed.

Bjorn makes little attempt to fight back, and no one else in the station intervenes, until another woman outside tries to asks what the problem is, but is ignored.

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At the start of the clip is cut off, before the woman attacks, a donation reads “would you go back in to see what happens”, suggesting that possibly a previous altercation had already taken place.

IRL streamers often purposefully instigate fights or attempt to troll people in the general public to bait a reaction from them, resulting in entertaining content for their viewers.


Just recently, another IRL streamer known as Yuber antagonized a group of drug dealers, who chased and beat him, smashing his front teeth with a bottle.