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IRL streamer arrested for disorderly conduct following a fight

Published: 29/Dec/2018 19:19 Updated: 29/Dec/2018 23:14

by Virginia Glaze


IRL streamer and YouTuber ‘Scuffed Justin Carrey’ was arrested during a live broadcast after inciting a brawl outside of a bar in Key West, Florida.

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According to Carrey, he’d lost his wallet, which contained such important items as his credit card and ID. Clips from Carrey’s stream show that he spoke to two police officers, to whom he claimed that his wallet had been stolen after being allegedly assaulted in a bar.

Carrey escorted the officers to the bar in question, named ‘Sloppy Joe’s,’ where he claimed the altercation took place. Carrey later approached a bearded individual who was waiting in line just outside of the establishment, hurling insults at the man while alleging that he had stolen his wallet.


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“Pussy!” Carrey shouted. “You’re a pussy. You fat fucking loser. I have autism. You feel big? Bullying someone with autism?”

“You couldn’t beat anybody,” answered another man waiting in line with the individual.

The stream’s footage quickly became distorted as if Carrey were moving, followed by an exclamation of, “Oh – he hit me! He fucking hit me!”

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Another clip from the stream shows Carrey being instructed to place his streaming equipment on the hood of a police vehicle, after which he was told that he was being arrested for disorderly conduct. Carrey refuted the arrest by citing his autism, to which an officer responded, “I don’t think you have autism.”


Scuffed Justin Carrey is a member of the CX Network, an entertainment group that contains such streamers as ICE_POSEIDON, Sweet Erin, and Sam Pepper, among other personalities.

Carrey has since contacted us with further details on the situation, stating that he was not handcuffed and that he was detained in solitary confinement for a short period before being released.