IRL Streamer Almost hit by a Corvette During a High Speed Police Chase - Dexerto

IRL Streamer Almost hit by a Corvette During a High Speed Police Chase

Published: 10/Aug/2018 15:24 Updated: 10/Aug/2018 15:30

by Vincent Genova


An IRL streamer had a close call with a red Corvette while riding their bike on stream.

The car was fleeing from police and came within inches of the cyclist.

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LolthuluGaming, who claims to be an indie game fanatic and avid cyclist, was casually pedaling down the road when a loud engine could be heard revving behind him.

The Corvette zoomed past with smoke flying from its tires as a stunned Lolthulu tries to process what just happened.

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Sirens could be heard closing in and Lolthulu went over to the sidewalk to give them space to pass.


Although it may not be the same event, local police reports from the same area of the streamer indicated that a red Corvette was stolen at gunpoint that day.

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The Corvette crashed three times and was chased by police through two different cities. Despite hitting three different cars and almost a live streamer, no injuries were reported.

The suspect fled on foot after crashing the Corvette beyond working condition and was caught shortly after.

Local police have not released the identity of the suspect as the investigation is still ongoing.