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Instagram users confused as TikTok Room disappears off the internet

Published: 18/Mar/2021 16:59 Updated: 18/Mar/2021 17:51

by Alice Hearing


It is the go-to page for every kind of TikTok-related drama you need, but now fans are concerned after the page seemed to disappear. What really happened to TikTokRoom? 

Update on March 18 at 5:45 pm (GMT)

TikTok room has confirmed that they are back up and running after a short break from Instagram. They tweeted “we’re back on Instagram, thank you, everyone, for being patient,” although appear to have deleted the tweet shortly after. All previous posts from the account can now be seen again on their page.

TikTokroom confirm they're back on instagram
Twitter: thetiktokroom
TikTokroom is now back

Original story follows below…


On Wednesday 17, concern erupted after it appeared that the Instagram tea page for all things TikTok-related disappeared from the mobile and desktop app.


With more than 2 million followers and over 15,000 posts, it would be a devastating loss to the community. The account describes itself as the ‘First ever TikTok shaderoom’ and regularly posts screenshots and videos revealing some of the drama that happens behind the scenes among influencers.

Fans wondered what happened to TikTok Room
Instagram: TikTokInsiders
Instagram users commented on other tea pages asking for information on TikTokRoom

The account was one of the first places to publicize that Charli D’Amelio was losing followers by the hundreds of thousands back in September 2020, and has always been quick to reveal much of the drama surrounding budding romances or sudden break-ups among the app’s most popular creators.

TikTokRoom even became so influential that it hosted its own awards online at the end of 2020, crowning Sway as the best content house, and Larray as the funniest TikToker among other categories.


The page was created by TikTok fans Nat and Elasia as just a place to collate some TikTok drama, and little did they realize just how much it would blow up. Following this, several other TikTok shade pages cropped up with many also gaining popularity rapidly, however, TikTokRoom has always taken the top spot.

Where is TikTokRoom?

Fans of the page can be relieved to know that this isn’t the end for the iconic shade account. On their back-up page @tiktokroomig, the creators behind the account posted a story letting people know they have only disabled the account for now and are simply taking a break and will be back up and running soon. There is no fixed date as of yet.

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This is not the first time TikTokRoom has limited what people can see. In December the page was made private.

For those missing their daily dose of internet drama, there are several other Instagram pages that should be able to fulfill your needs. TikTok-specific accounts include TikTokInsiders, TikTokleakins, and theshadeoftheroom.