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How to guard Sea of Thieves loot from pirates like summit1g with one simple trick

Published: 23/Jan/2019 13:16 Updated: 23/Jan/2019 13:22

by Ross Deason


If you’re an avid Sea of Thieves player, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard all about the adventures of Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar and his pirate crew as they terrorize the seas and steal everyone’s loot. But is there any way of stopping them?

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Summit has almost single handedly revived interest in the pirate adventure game on Twitch in recent months and now a number of other big name streamers like Dr Disrespect, CouRage and TimTheTatman are also playing it.

However, some Sea of Thieves players have been vocal in their displeasure at summit’s tactics in the game as he launches one daring heist after another and relieves other crew’s of their valuables.


summit1g / TwitchDon’t be fooled by the smile – summit1g is a pirate king with a ruthless streak and an unquenchable desire for loot!
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Whether you agree with the streamer’s approach to the game or not, the game is called ‘Sea of Thieves’ so you should probably get used to the idea that your crew could come under attack at any given time. But what can you do to make life more difficult for invaders?

Well, Reddit user ‘Pricetag60’ has shared one very simple, and apparently very effective, method of guarding you anchor so that it is more difficult for opponents to drop the anchor when they board: Stack a load of chests on top of it!

Pricetag60 / RedditPricetag60’s trick is simple but effective.
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Basically, stacking a load of items on top of the anchor will make it more difficult for raiders to find the drop anchor prompt and stop your escape from their crew. The time it takes them to do so could make all the difference, allowing you and your crew to kill them.


Another user, ‘Nextonex’, confirmed that Pricetag60’s method does in fact work more often than not. Chicken Coops and Pig Crates can also be used in place of chests if you’re worried about putting anything valuable in the line of fire.

“It works,” Nextonex says. “You can usually kill a boarder before they find the prompt to drop the anchor. If they are smart they grab a chest and jump off.”

Of course, this still might not be enough to prevent players like summit from robbing you blind, but it can’t hurt to try. Especially if you’re sailing around with Athena chests!