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How to get the perfect YouTube title automatically

Published: 26/Feb/2021 17:44

by Georgina Smith


A new website called ‘TitleCraft’ developed by users on Product Hunt allows aspiring YouTubers to come up with the perfect video ideas and titles using pre-existing ones by popular creators like MrBeast and James Charles.

Countless huge names on the internet grew their online presence through YouTube. Since the site began, countless waves of online creators and influencers have set up their channels on the platform, with many become celebrities in their own right.

MrBeast has been on the site for a while since 2012, and in that time he’s managed to rack up over 50 million subscribers on his main channel alone, thanks to his out-of-the-box video ideas and overwhelming generosity.


MrBeast Donate Ten Cents Every Subscriber
YouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast has become insanely successful on YouTube, and many take inspiration from his content.

Many viewers are now taking inspiration from creators like MrBeast, who want to make content that can entertain millions, but it’s not as easy as it might first seem, with creative block never far around the corner.

That’s an issue that Product Hunt users Luke Piette and Benjamin Laufer aim to combat with their new website TitleCraft.

The site allows users to select two popular YouTube creators, and the website will splice those two creators’ title styles together to create a list of brand new video ideas. The results are remarkably seamless, and could genuinely be used as actual video titles, proving to be a super useful tool for aspiring creators who are stuck on what to film next.


Not only that, but be users can also choose how “spicy” they want their titles to be, meaning they’re able to control just how crazy the ideas turn out.

The free version allows you to generate titles using a pre-selected list of popular YouTubers including MrBeast, James Charles, and Liza Koshy, but users can also pay $5 to enter their own YouTube channel link and receive a list of 500 titles unique to them.

Luke Piette says in a description of the website, “if you talk to any YouTuber, you’ll quickly realize that generating video ideas and titles is hard. So we thought it would be fun to help you come up with creative, wacky, and exciting new video titles using GPT3.”


The feature has only recently launched, but it looks to be a good option for aspiring creators wanting a bit of inspiration based on the content of the most successful personalities on YouTube.