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Twitch star Ludwig explains how a photo with Amouranth cost him a brand deal

Published: 25/Jun/2021 0:28

by Virginia Glaze


Ludwig Ahgren, a popular Twitch streamer and all-around internet icon, revealed that he lost an opportunity to work with a company due to a photo he’d taken with fellow influencer ‘Amouranth.’

Ludwig is a well-known personality across social media, driven to the heights of internet stardom due to his record-breaking Twitch subathon that lasted a grand total of 31 days.

Despite his fame, not every company is eager to work with the broadcaster: During a June 24 live stream, Ludwig explained that he’d lost out on a potential business deal due to two photos he’d posted online.

According to Ludwig, the brand (which he kept anonymous) pulled out of the collab with him due to a photo of his backside he’d posted to Twitter after losing a bet with fellow streamer ‘DisguisedToast.’


Ludwig Twitch stream subathon finally ends after 30 days.
Twitch: Ludwig
Ludwig’s Twitch stream subathon ended after 31 grueling days, cementing him as one of the internet’s most dedicated content creators out there.

While that one instance might be understandable to some, the second photo broke into current Twitch politics. Ludwig said the second pic that the company took issue with was a picture he’d taken with Twitch streamer Amouranth at the Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather exhibition match earlier in the month.

Although Amouranth’s Instagram and Twitch content might not be suitable for all audiences, the photo she took with Ludwig saw her wearing a jewel-studded black dress that was generally appropriate for the occasion.


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“They were like, ‘It wasn’t Twitter, it might have been on your Instagram,'” he said of his conversation with the unnamed brand. “‘You had a picture with a **** star, and on your Twitter, you had a…’ and they trailed off.”


“Apparently, because I had a picture with Amouranth, I was not brand-safe enough to work with this company, so they couldn’t do it. They couldn’t do it.”

Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time a photo taken at the Mayweather vs Floyd fight has gotten Ludwig in trouble; earlier in the month, Ludwig also received a ban from Instagram after taking a humorous photo with his friend, ‘Slime,’ at the boxing match, which featured a somewhat inappropriate joke between the two.

For now, it looks like Ludwig is out of luck due to his photo with Amouranth, who hasn’t yet commented on this unfortunate — if a bit unexpected — matter at the time of writing.