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Heidi Klum TikTok goes viral for the wrong reasons after America’s Got Talent clip

Published: 26/Aug/2021 12:00 Updated: 26/Aug/2021 12:04

by Ed Barnes


German-American model Heidi Klum found out that she had a slight wardrobe malfunction during an America’s Got Talent live show – through a TikTok that went viral.

The incident happened as Klum got up from her chair to pose with Sofia Vergara who judges the competition alongside the model. The clip appeared to be taken once the show was finished on August 11.

Klum can be seen wearing an orange-pink feather minidress while Vergara wore a tight fluorescent pink gown. Another judge Howie Mandel also came in for the photo though Simon Cowell appeared to not be invited in.

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I love all the judges, and Heidi Klum is my favorite #agt #heidiklum #sofiavergara #fypシ

♬ Beggin’ – Måneskin

The caption of the video reads “when Heidi had so much fun at AGT” and told people to “watch at the end.” Many people in the comments found it hilarious.


However not every comment was to do with Klum’s accident. One person commented their surprise about the distance between the judges on stage saying “they look so much closer together on TV.”

Another joked about Simon Cowell not taking part in the photo using his iconic catchphrase, “it’s a no from me.” One person had a question about Klum’s outfit for the night asking whether the model was “wearing a feather duster.”

Heidi Klum AGT
Instagram: Heidi Klum
A photo from a more recent episode of America’s Got Talent featuring Klum, Vergara, and Mandel.

Klum appeared to not realized the clip was on the internet until twelve days later when she posted to Instagram on August 23 with the caption “Note to self ….. don’t bend over in a short skirt. 😂🤣.”


The video has received over 650,000 views on Instagram. Klum also posted several pictures from the night when it aired including one of her and Vergara. America’s Got Talent is currently on its 16th season.

This isn’t the first time people from America’s Got Talent have gone viral. In July 2021, Madilyn Bailey went viral for a performance and last year a winner of the competition Grace Vanderwaal blew up on TikTok.