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Hasan roasts “dumb” Gary Vee after watching viral best moments video

Published: 23/Sep/2021 21:26

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star streamer Hasan Piker reacted to a viral best moments compilation of entrepreneur and speaker Gary Vaynerchuk, roasting him for views on wealth and hustling.

It’s not a stretch to say that Hasan Piker and Gary Vee don’t have a lot of similar beliefs when it comes to economics or politics. During a Twitch stream on September 20, Hasan decided to take the time to watch a compilation of Gary Vee delivering his motivational speeches on various platforms.

Hasan picked the best moments from the video to roast Gary relentlessly on his opinions which span from generational wealth to what motivates a person in the morning  – creating some hilarious moments.


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Hasan reacts to Gary Vee

Hasan starts off the video, titled “HUSTLE GRINDSET Will Make You RICH”, with a speech by Gary on why it’s better to be born into nothing than to be born into generational wealth saying: “The way the internet is today? I’d rather have zero than $100 million.”

Laughing off Gary’s comments Hasan says: “You know what’s actually so much worse than being born into a wealthy family? Being born into a f**king poor family. What a dumb take, dude. I’m losing my god damn mind.”

He had another opinion teed up when Gary Vee described his morning routines saying: “Every morning I wake up and make pretend that my mother, or children, or wife die.” Hasan is completely shocked by this and says: “WHAT?! What’s wrong with him, dude. What the f**k.”


Hasan goes on to mock Gary’s sentiments saying: “Every morning I wake up and fantasize about killing my relatives. What the f**k, dude! Sigma grindset! Do emotional terrorism to yourself. Literally f**k your own brain up so you can hustle and grindset.”

One commenter in Hasan’s stream mentioned that Gary Vee’s video are meant to encourage the viewer to follow their dreams or else they’ll die full of regrets which Hasan replied: “I mean, no, chase your dreams, but just also be responsible. And also, enjoy yourself. And recognize that there are systemic hurdles you’ll have to overcome if you don’t have the generational luck that Gary Vee and myself had. Otherwise, we’re all just doing the ‘bootstraps’ argument.”


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Hasan wraps up the segment by saying him and Gary Vee are actually quite similar.

“If anything, one thing that I’m seeing is how f**king similar that I am to Gary Vee at least with the way that I operate and it’s making me f**king reconsider the decisions I’m making,” Hasan said. “Like, f**k man, I should literally work less.”

It seems that Gary Vee’s motivational speeches didn’t quite land the mark for Hasan.