Korean streamer HAchubby has surprising reaction to eating dog food - Dexerto

Korean streamer HAchubby has surprising reaction to eating dog food

Published: 21/Jan/2020 2:17 Updated: 21/Jan/2020 13:41

by Andrew Amos


Korean Twitch star ‘HAchubby’ stopped by the OfflineTV house to catch up with the crew, appearing on Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki’s stream, digging into a box of dog treats on her desk and seemingly enjoying it.

HAchubby’s tour across America has seen the Korean Twitch phenom stop in with Maya Higa for a walk around Los Angeles, do impromptu dances on the sidewalk, and catch up with various other streamer friends.

With a stop at the OfflineTV house on January 20, Hachu ended up chilling with LilyPichu on stream, answering questions from fans and talking about their lives. However, something on Lily’s desk caught the Korean’s eye — a box of dog treats.


HAchubby and LilyPichu on Twitch stream
Twitch: LilyPichu
HAchubby was interested by a random box of dog treats laying on Lily’s desk, even trying one out for herself.

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“What is that,” HAchubby said, pointing at the box of dog treats. Lily explained that they were treats for Temmie, her dog, but they were also completely edible for humans.

“You can eat it if you want,” said LilyPichu, shocking Hachu. “The ingredients are just like flour, peanut butter, strawberry, egg, it’s not human food but humans can eat it. I’ve tried it, it’s very plain, it doesn’t taste like anything, but you don’t need to try dog food unless you want to.”

The comment left Hachu perplexed, but determined to try some out. “I’m just curious because it’s just like human food, like [people] can eat this,” she said.


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Lily offered her Korean guest a “bone,” which was gladly accepted on one condition – “I’m not going to die, right?”

After smelling it and making sure that Lily didn’t have any ulterior motives, Hachu took a quick nibble of the dog treat, going through a flurry of emotions. She went from confused to pleased, seemingly enjoying the dog treat.

“I like it, can I eat more? Delicious. Oh my god,” she said. Hachu’s comments left Lily embarrassed, resting her head in her hands as she quickly thought of something else to entertain her guest.


LilyPichu and HAchubby on Twitch stream
Twitch: LilyPichu
HAchubby’s reaction to Temmie’s dog treats had LilyPichu putting her head in her hands.

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“Do you want to order food? Are you hungry? We can get real food,” Lily offered, which Hachu happily obliged.

While the dog treat was a “good appetizer” for the proper meal the duo tucked into just a few minutes later, Lily will have to be careful to make sure Hachu doesn’t sneak out with the treats once she heads home.