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H3H3’s Ethan Klein reveals toxic relationship between Jake and Logan Paul

Published: 29/Sep/2018 23:16 Updated: 29/Sep/2018 23:18

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube duo Ethan and Hila ‘H3H3’ Klein discussed Shane Dawson’s recent documentary series over social media star Jake Paul on their H3 Podcast.

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During the broadcast, Ethan related a private conversation that he and Jake had around the time of a previous H3 podcast, where Paul revealed that his relationship with his older brother, Logan, was incredibly toxic.

“I said, ‘Tell me straight – how are you guys?’” he recalled. “‘Because it seems really toxic.’ And [Paul] said, ‘Honestly, it’s really bad. We honestly really hate each other.’”

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Ethan stated Paul had told him this in ‘complete earnestness’ off-camera, in a hallway outside of the set.


In addition, Ethan revealed that Logan had actually slept with Jake’s ex-girlfriend, Alissa Violet, which he referenced in a diss track to his brother.

“But Jake was like, ‘Dude, I know that’s good for views, but that actually hurts my feelings,’” Ethan recollected Jake saying.

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The two’s relationship will likely be further explored in Dawson’s docuseries over Jake Paul, which has already been hinted at in its latest episode. While Dawson explores the possibility of the YouTuber being a sociopath, he likewise entertains the idea that living in Logan’s shadow could have had an adverse effect on Jake’s behavior.


Klein himself stated that he didn’t believe Jake to be a bad person, citing Jake’s previous appearance on the H3 podcast. While their aforementioned conversation took place about a year ago, Logan appears to be taken off-guard by his mention in the docuseries, as he tweeted that he might make a statement regarding the project.

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The series’ newest episode, ‘The Dark Side of Jake Paul,’ has already garnered over thirteen million views, and could compete with Dawson’s previous pieces covering Jeffree Starr and TanaCon.