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H3H3 roast the ‘god complex’ Twitch streamer in brutal podcast segment

Published: 4/Nov/2018 20:01 Updated: 4/Nov/2018 20:11

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube duo Ethan and Hila ‘H3H3’ Klein have shared their two cents on the controversial streamer who went viral during TwitchCon 2018 for his self-described ‘god complex.’

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The streamer, who goes by the handle ‘mmDust,’ reportedly averages only 43 views per Twitch stream, and has just over 11,000 followers on his channel.

Ethan Klein roasted mmDust’s response to a woman during a livestreamed panel, where mmDust said that he didn’t want his viewers to have ‘any kind of relationship’ toward him.

“I’m doing a livestream, and I don’t want to be connected to anybody,” Ethan mocked. “[Then] make videos.”


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Ethan likewise took issue with mmDust’s usage of the term ‘god complex,’ which he used to describe his relationship toward his viewers.

“I feel like he’s flattering himself in a way, by saying he has a god complex,” Ethan said.
“You can’t even have a god-complex when you have 11,000 followers. Imagine that. …fucking idiot.”

They also addressed the streamer’s apology letter, which Hila merely called, “a long text.”

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A clip of mmDust’s panel now has over three million views on Twitter, and has garnered massive attention from personalities across the internet – including the likes of YouTube ‘king’ PewDiePie.


MmDust has since issued an apology statement over the debacle in a TwitLonger post, where he explained that his statement was brought about by a mindset he acquired due to his perceived ‘lack of discipline.’

While the streamer has apologized for his words, it looks like he’s still catching flak for his ‘low-key god complex.’