Greek and Tyler1 entertain the masses with their hilariously bad Minecraft Monday gameplay - Dexerto

Greek and Tyler1 entertain the masses with their hilariously bad Minecraft Monday gameplay

Published: 6/Aug/2019 15:43 Updated: 6/Aug/2019 16:04

by Matt Porter


Minecraft Monday tournament, and their attempt went about as poorly as you could expect. 

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KEEMSTAR’s Minecraft Mondays have been a roaring success, with thousands of viewers tuning in to watch their favorite content creators head into the game’s popular Hunger Games servers in the hopes of being the last team standing, much like his Friday Fortnite competition.

One of the big-name duos from this weekend were Tyler1 and Greek, and while they may be extremely talented at their own specific games, their attempts at Minecraft domination had their viewers in stitches.

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Reddit, u/VitaMint123Minecraft Mondays sees competitors take to Hunger Games servers.

Things got off to a poor start for the duo, who admitted right off the bat that they weren’t going to do well, and were only there because of their popularity.


“It’s so funny, it’s almost a waste of time us being there at this point,” Greek told his teammate. “We can’t even work the menu! It’s a massive waste of time, we’re not going to win any money, we’re just viewers!”

“True!” roared Tyler1. “We’re just being used for clout at this point for fucking KEEMSTAR!”

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The pair even tried to practice for their appearance, taking to a match with just the two of them so they could try and practice their skills with a bow and arrow.

Unsurprisingly, Tyler1 got upset almost immediately as Greek hit him continuously with shots, shouting at him to stop firing so he could have a chance.


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The Twitch streamer’s rage continued during a game of Spleef, where players try and knock each other off of a platform and into the lava below, with the last man standing declared the winner.

While Tyler was able to take down one opponent, he was quickly bombarded with snowballs and thrown into the lava himself, choosing to blame Greek for not coming and helping him, before threatening to smack his screen out of frustration.

Tyler1 screamed: “I’m going to punch my fucking monitor! I’m getting teamed on! Where are you Greek! Help! I’m fucking dead!”


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Unsurprisingly, their less-than-successful attempts at securing Minecraft Monday glory fell flat, with the pair finishing third from last in 19th position.