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German streamers shocked after their guitar is stolen during live broadcast

Published: 21/Sep/2021 21:13

by Virginia Glaze


Two German Twitch streamers were busy serenading passersby when a stranger nabbed something pretty important to them — but their reaction wasn’t what everyone expected.

Twitch is a hive for all kinds of content. From users broadcasting their travels abroad to sharing their hijinks with friends in online games, it’s safe to say that the platform has something for everyone.

Out of all of Twitch’s categories, IRL streams tend to yield the most outrageous moments. After all, it’s hard to predict what others will do when a streamer’s out in the wild… and sometimes, they can capture some outrageous stuff for audiences of thousands of live viewers.


Two German streamers captured one such wild moment during a recent broadcast in Berlin. The duo were warbling to the public in the middle of a shopping center, jauntily singing songs into a microphone for all to hear.

Ronny Bergers Instagram streamers guitar stolen
Instagram: ronnybergers
Twitch streamer Ronny Bergers and co. were serenading the public when their guitar was nabbed by a thief.

Unfortunately, they were too preoccupied with their musical performance to pay much attention to the guitar that sat in an open case just behind them.

During their livestream, viewers could clearly see a passerby grab the guitar and walk away as smoothly as if it had belonged to him.

The two streamers had no inclination that the theft had even happened and continued to wail into the microphone… until one of the broadcasters finally noticed the missing guitar some time later.


However, rather than freaking out over the expensive instrument suddenly going missing, the duo laughed in shock before one of the streamers announced that they were missing their guitar into the microphone in case anyone nearby knew what had happened.

It’s safe to say that commenters across the net were left slack-jawed at what had just happened, as well as the streamers’ nonchalant response to the theft.

This is far from the first time a streamer has caught a theft happening in real time; in 2019, broadcaster Giannie Lee filmed a pickpocket nabbing someone’s wallet, who ended up “returning” the article after realizing he’d been caught in 4K.


Luckily, according to an Instagram post from the German streamers, the thief was caught and their guitar returned, resulting in a pleasant end to an otherwise unpleasant situation, marking yet another chapter in the ongoing annals of Twitch’s top shocking moments.