German stranger apologizes to Korean IRL streamer after harassment by racists - Dexerto

German stranger apologizes to Korean IRL streamer after harassment by racists

Published: 22/Apr/2019 19:25

by Eli Becht


Korean Twitch streamer Giannie Lee has encountered a number of racist interactions during her IRL streams in Germany. But this resident apologized on behalf of his country, restoring some humanity to her adventures.

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After Europe’s TwitchCon wrapped up, streamer Giannie Lee stayed after the event and livestreamed her days through Berlin, Germany.

While doing this she had become the target of numerous racial encounters which have been captured live on her stream. This led to a German man to apologize to her in a heartwarming moment.

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Germany apologizes on behalf of this man

Lee has kept her streams going despite the racism and has tried to remain upbeat about the whole situation.


In a shocking turn of events based on how her previous streams have been going, she ran into a man who was willing to be polite and even ended up apologizing for the way she has been treated so far.

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“Very good girl, welcome to Germany,” the man said. “I’m sorry about my German compatriots, I feel sorry, she’s very good.

Lee was very excited to hear this and even asked the man for a hug, which he did end up giving. It was a good, uplifting moment after going through numerous bouts of negativity.


What has happened to Giannie Lee in the past?

Throughout her streaming endeavors in Germany, she has run into people shouting racial phrases at her and pulling the corners of their eyes in a mocking gesture, but she has found a way to remain cool and level headed through it all.

These encounters ended up being a pretty big deal in Germany as a news outlet picked up a story about it.

She hasn’t stopped streaming because of these incidents which shows she has some really thick skin.