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Gaming Twitter explodes after LeBron James asks for gaming chair recommendations

Published: 2/May/2021 21:21

by Theo Salaun


LeBron James, NBA superstar and international celebrity, has asked Twitter for gaming chair recommendations — and the community, including streamers like TimTheTatMan, Dream, and Tommyinnit, has come to help.

James is the biggest basketball player in the world and a celebrity outside of hoops as well, given his philanthropic and business endeavors. At 36 years old, the self-titled “Washed King” is still in firm contention to win another NBA championship as possibly the league’s best player.

Every fan of basketball who recognizes the aging process knows how committed LeBron is to taking care of his body and perfecting his craft. Apparently, that also extends to gaming — as the King has asked for gaming chair recommendations.


With teammates like Dennis Schroder and Anthony Davis already avid gamers, and son Bronny James already inducted into FaZe Clan, LeBron’s ties to gaming are self-evident. Now that he’s trying to up the ante and get more involved, the gaming world seems very ready to guide him.

Bron’s initial question was a simple one: “Who makes the best, most comfortable gaming chair?” And then the four-time NBA MVP, 17-time All-Star specified that the chair would indeed be for him (all 6’9”, 250 pounds of him). 

TimTheTatMan, Warzone and variety Twitch streamer extraordinaire, immediately repped his Herman Miller sponsorship and recommended the “Embody” chair. Based on the “Aeron” chair, which holds a place in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection, this is likely a quality suggestion with good ergonomics.


But Minecraft YouTuber Dream took things in a different direction. Like hundreds of users replying in amazement that the NBA’s biggest star is an avid gamer, Dream simply took this as his chance to talk shop with the king of hops.

Similarly, Twitch streamer and Dream SMP Minecraft creator Tommyinnit figured this was as good a time as any to tell Bron about his favorite game.

While it remains unknown if the “creator of basketball” will capitalize on Dream and Tommy’s requests to get involved in the world of Minecraft, it’s clear that the gaming world is welcoming the Los Angeles Lakers superstar.


When LeBron does settle on his new gaming chair, we’ll update this piece. And who knows, maybe he’ll have joined his son on FaZe Clan by then and started streaming on Twitch. He has said he wants to play on the same team as Bronny, after all.