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French Twitch streamer Ponce banned on Twitch for nudity in 70s movie

Published: 17/Jun/2021 19:42

by Michael Gwilliam


Popular French streamer ‘Ponce’ has been banned on Twitch for the first time after he showed a clip from a 70s movie on stream that contained some graphic content.

On June 17, the streamer’s Twitch account was suspended, leaving many wondering what he had done to get his channel banned.

Luckily, fans of the French streamer didn’t have long to wait as he took to Twitter to reveal what had happened, why, and how long his adoring fans would be without him.

“I am banned for 24 hours,” he explained, indicating that he would be back in action in just one day. “Reason is simple: 0.2 seconds of nipple in a French movie trailer from the 70’s.”


The streamer didn’t elaborate on what French movie it was or its genre, but showing any type of nudity most certainly goes against Twitch’s terms of service.

“I must cancel my live [stream] for tonight and tomorrow,” he added. “Thanks to the French Twitch moderation who did their best to avoid the worst and for the US… kiss.”

In a follow-up comment, the streamer took aim at the American side of Twitch and their rules, which he feels are over-the-top.

“It’s weird to throw stones at things other than Twitch US and their stupid rules,” he slammed. “The only decision-makers in my ban are Twitch US.”


Furthermore, he took issue with Twitch’s position on forbidding showing nipples, calling their stance “absurd.”

The ban comes the same week that Spanish streamer Ibai was banned for one day after he inadvertently showed nudity during one of his recent broadcasts. The only difference is that a real life person mooned the camera while Ponce showed seconds of a video clip.

Ponce didn’t say when he would be returning to Twitch, but with his stream for June 18 canceled as well, it seems like we should expect him back no later than June 19.