Fortnite streamer changes channel name after being called out for "fat shaming" female gamer - Dexerto

Fortnite streamer changes channel name after being called out for “fat shaming” female gamer

Published: 13/Sep/2018 13:17 Updated: 13/Sep/2018 13:24

by Calum Patterson


A Twitch streamer previously known as ‘TimmoTree’ had to completely change up his channel name after a video of him arguing with a young female gamer went viral.

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In the video, YouTuber ‘KCmo’ has his sister take the mic during some games of Fortnite, while he plays the game. In doing so, the pair fool streamers into thinking they are losing to a girl.

TimmoTree was one of their selected targets, and the video shows him being eliminated twice during the match as he rages – and at one point appears to call the her “a fat girl on Fortnite”.


You can watch the video below, with the TimmoTree section coming in at the 5:10 minute mark.

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This section of the video was later uploaded to the main Fortnite subreddit page, where it quickly garnered a lot of attention, and eventually TimmoTree himself learned he was the subject of the video.

His Twitch channel then disappeared, and many believed that he had been banned for the comments directed towards the young female gamer (said to be 16 according to the video title).

But TimmoTree responded, saying he had in fact just changed up his name:

“Its me the guy in the video. I wasn’t trying to fat shame her at all. I feel they muted a good portion of the other people talking shit to me in the video which makes it really seem one sided as to what actually happened to me. They are intentionally going around provoking streamers in games to create content for people. 

To the girl I was rude to I am sorry for the things I said. to the guy that manipulated this video to his liking to gain views go fuck yourself.

Anyways guys I’m out. I changed my twitch name its not down btw.”

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TimmoTree claims that the YouTuber and his friends (whose mic audio is not included in the final video) were being equally as abusive to him before he hit back, including comments directed at the girl.

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“He edited all his buddies out, and made this fake ass clip. Yes, I said fucked up things, but the shit they said to me first was equally bad, as I ignored more than half of it. 

He staged all of it to get more views. He is targeting streamers, him and his buddies then talk crazy shit, then edit out all of their mics and make it look as its not.”

However, the YouTuber, KCmo, responded, and claimed that it was in fact just himself, and no one else involved:

“False, I’ll upload the full match without any cuts first thing tomorrow. There wasn’t even anyone else talking. 

I’m uploading the first interaction we had with you. You’re claiming you were attacked, when you can see the mics of everyone in the lobby and the only people who were talking were you and my sister. The first thing out of your mouth is “you sound like you ate the girl” when my sister announces that she’s a girl and asks if that’s ok.”

The newly uploaded video can be seen below, which claims to prove that no one else was talking to the streamer.