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Former UFC champ Demetrious Johnson reveals he’s a huge Asmongold fan

Published: 16/Jun/2021 20:22

by Michael Gwilliam


Former UFC Flyweight Champion turned Twitch streamer Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson shocked fans by revealing he’s a massive supporter of World of Warcraft legend Asmongold.

Being a martial artist in ONE Championship while balancing Twitch streaming can prove to be a difficult task, but Johnson has stepped up in a big way, training while also playing games such as Resident Evil Village and Warzone.

But when it comes to fellow streamers he enjoys, the uber popular MMO icon Asmongold is among the best

Johnson, who himself has played his share of WoW in the past, voiced his support for Asmongold’s stream style in a Twitter post on June 15.


“Why is Asmongold so damn funny and intelligent!” Mighty Mouse rhetorically asked, tagging the streamer in his tweet. “His stream and the way he views content/game launches and MMORPGS is a breath of fresh air.”

If this wasn’t enough, Demetrious showed he was an actual true supporter by responding to a fan suggesting he check out Asmongold’s second channel for more in depth content “where he gets a little deeper.”

“Already have,” Johnson quickly replied, showing he really was a big fan of the WoW legend.

As for what else he really enjoyed with Asmongold’s streams, amusingly, his eyebrows play a big part apparently.


“It’s the eyebrow movement,” a user replied to Johnson’s original message, prompting some agreement from the mixed martial artist.

“That’s one of my favorite parts,” he replied. “It’s like his eyebrows have a mind of their own!”

For his part, Asmongold was pleased with all the kind words, replying “love you, dude, thank you!”

The idea of an MMA warrior and a Warcraft icon getting along so well may be a bit ridiculous, but it’s real life and quite the amusing friendship.

Hopefully, the two end up doing some sort of stream together at some point down the line.